Pictures Here, There and Everywhere...


If my blog is any indication, you can probably tell how much I love looking at our baby’s pictures, both old and new. Like today, I have been going through her baby albums because I suddenly got hit by those baby blues. As I mentioned, I am so thankful for technology because I am able to look back at those days when she was a baby therefore helping me chase those baby blues away. Right now I am checking on digital photo frames. I have been looking for a while now but I am more determined in getting one because I found a place where I can actually choose the frames I want….Digital Frames Direct. This place has digital photo frames in all shapes and sizes. It’s a perfect place to get a digital photo frame for my own use or for gifts, even corporate gifts. Once I have this digital photo frame, I wouldn’t have to dig through our photo albums. I just have to look at my digital photo frame.


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