Please Check the WIDGETS on your BLOGS!


Yes, this is about those pesky darn pop-ups again. I just hopped to a couple of blogs and unfortunately, I got my daily dose of pop-up!!! Ano ba naman at ang agang panggulat. If I was not awake when I started hopping NOW I am fully awake...just what I need to jump start my day. Not!!!!

Anyway, from what I have read so far. It doesn't seem to be Blogger's [blogspot] problem. It seems that it's the WIDGETS causing the pop-ups. That may explain why changing templates somehow solve the problem. In the process of doing so, the widgets had to be removed and re-installed. My Tuks - Lucel Juliana - mentioned in her message last night that the pop-up started coming up again as soon as she installed the RANK WIDGET. She removed the widget and voila...the pop-ups went away.

So that's another thing to check now. I am letting YOU know when I visit your page if I encounter pop-ups in your site so you can check on it. Please don't take it against me or any other visitors letting you know about it. It's for ALL OUR SAKE and sanity. By the way, if you don't have RANK Widget and are still experiencing pop-ups, make sure you don't have widgets that came from their sites as these sites usually offer more than one widget.



Hi mommy juliana, yup! I experienced the same thing when I opened other blogger's blogs! Hay naku nakakagulat talaga! hehehe! Thank goodness it wasn't blogspot probs...
Anonymous said…
Thanks for reminding us! Im sure it is a big help..

anyways, happy tuesday to u too! thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. take care

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