Pop-Ups Part II


I have not done a lot of hopping yet so I'm not sure if they are still around. I just want to make some clarifications on these pesky pop-ups.

First, I don't get them here in my blog. I mean, they don't come up whenever I open it anyway. I'm not sure about those who come visit me though. Please let me know if you happen to come here and pop-ups come up. I think it's best that we alert each other if they come up in our sites. That way we know. Thanks much.

Second, I just ran my Spybot. It's the one that checks if your computer downloaded any of those spyware, adware, ek-ek. It came up clean just like the virus scan I did yesterday afternoon.

I also have my pop-up blocker on. For some reason, it's not blocking these pop-ups. It works for some websites but not for blogs if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I am hoping that we will all get through this victorious [dramatic]. I hope it's not something permanent and that blogger can help us to get rid of them.

That's about it. Thanks for being here. Enjoy the rest of the week [sans pop-ups]!


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ano ba yan!! nakit ako walang pop-ups!!!! i do not know what you are talking about!.. nainggit pa ano?

anyway 51.... you bad bad girl!

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