So these pop-ups kept coming up earlier this afternoon while I was doing my daily rounds. Mind you, it only happened to some, not to all that I've managed to visit. I noticed that they happened to those using blogger only. This blog is on blogger but so far, luckily I would say, I have not seen any pop-ups... yet....knock on wood and on my hard head, it won't happen here!

The thing is it did not happen to ALL those using blogger. So while I was hopping, I came across a message in one tag board that it MAY be because of Feedjit. It was mentioned that Feedjit [the one that tells you where your visitors are from] was hacked. I'm not sure it's the reason but I disabled my Feedjit right away. Again, I'm not sure it's what's causing all these unwanted pop-ups but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Try it if you are still getting them now.

Some blogger friends also mentioned about maybe changing the template. Some said that they were getting the pop-ups yesterday so they changed their templates. Today, the pop-ups were gone. Again, not sure if this the solution to the problem but you may want to try it also if you are still having the problem.

I did not hop to all of my blogger friends blogs because of this problem. As soon as I got that first 'porn site pop-up', I scanned my computer right away for potential virus. Thankfully, there was no virus whatsoever. My lappy is ancient so I try to do weekly maintenance on it. This is my connection to the outside world most of the time so I'm trying to protect it...LOL.

Anyway, it's kinda' late where I'm at. To all those who came to visit, thanks much. My apologies to those I was not able to visit today. Blame it on those pesky POP-UPS! Nighty nite everyone.


Nova said…
hay..naglagot na jud akong kalag aning mga pop-ups.. they showed up everytime i am going to comment into the entry of each blog that i visited.. nakakawalang pasinsya.. but i'll try to figure this out, even i blocked pop-up ang lakas pa talaga nilang mag show up...

thank you for the daily visit.. buti naman di ka naka experience totally annoying jud kaayo...

happy monday...
It might not be a virus you're experiencing. It might be one of those adwares or spywares or one of those things that get downloaded to your computer without you even knowing it. In any case, it's good to hear that you don't experience those pop-ups anymore. They're annoying and offensive, if I may say so myself.

appreciate your visits all the time. :D Have a great week ahead!
Anonymous said…
Maybe some of the sites have these pop-up ads. Im glad your blog doesnt have one coz I'm not crazy over pop-ups too. hehe..

Thanks for dropping by my blog btw, yeah I had some blogging break, but Im back now with a new template. ;)

Take care hey and Have a good week too!
hi juliana, have you tried disabling pop ups? you can actually do that. anyhoo, just passing by.

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