Prince Harry in Afghanistan...


Prince Harry has been in the frontline in Afghanistan since December of 2007. He was deployed there quietly per his wishes. From what I have read before, he really wanted to join his platoon way before December but because of safety concerns, not only of his but also of those who are in Afghanistan fighting already, they did not let him go first...until the December 2007 deployment.

So what happened? He's now back home! Why? Because some one leaked the information that he is [was now] in Afghanistan fighting. Now, why would someone leak something that important? Is it because it's news worthy? Or is it money worthy? The person/s who leaked that information is probably a few hundred thousands, maybe even millions, Euros or dollars richer.

I don't condemn reporters or anything like that, but can't they at least keep something that sensitive a secret?? Is it really worth it to put lives in jeopardy so they can give the most controversial news? I don't think so. What had happened to responsible journalism? This is definitely the most irresponsible journalism I have read in a while.

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