Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ramiele Made it to Another Round...

She's now in the Top 10! Yeah! That's a good place to be. For the last 2 episodes, the judges were not really happy with her song choice. When they announced that it's going to be another Beatle's night I already had a feeling that it's going to be a tough night for her simply because the song that the Beatle's have are mostly for men...I think.

Anyway, hopefully she'll pull through again next time...but it's good that she's in the Top 10 least she will be touring with the rest of the group. By the way, their guest tonight is Kellie Pickler. She was in Season 5 of AI and she was in the top 10..I think she was 6th or 5th..not sure. But she is now doing good in country music.

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