Ready to Retire???


If so, make sure you have about $200,000 if you're a couple or about $100,000 if you're single!, depending on which company is doing the study. Yep, that's how much those who want to retire now should have saved if they are thinking of retiring anytime soon. Most of that money of course will be for medical purposes. This figure is only for those who are of retiring age of 65. So if you are younger than that, then the savings would have to be more considering the possibility of longer life.

According to study released by Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, six out of 10 older retirees are in danger of not being able to maintain their lifestyle now. This is based on the current levels of retirement savings. That is just not good.

My husband and I are both in our early 40s now but we are already thinking of this kind of thing. We are even considering of retiring in the Philippines. I'm sure we won't need that much money to retire there but this is all in our minds so it's nothing permanent yet. But after reading this, we may just start to seriously consider that. I don't even want to think of the figures when the time comes that WE have to retire. S-C-A-R-Y!

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Gorgeous MUM said…
oh, i can't believe you're in your 4o's! you gotta be kidding! with that look, you're probably in the 30's not 40's! but whatever your age is, you look very young!

any secret? hehehe!

good on you thinking about retirement!
if you retire here, your pension will go a looooooong way.... pahinge ha?!

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