Signs...Just What I Need


I have so many things to do for the next few weeks to come. I am busy packing for our big move soon. Aside from that, we have to sell this house we live in right now so as not to burden us with its mortgage and other expenses related to keeping 2 houses at the same time. My husband already bought a For Sale sign but we also want to get some Magnetic Signs that we can use to advertise that it’s for sale. That way we can put them in the car, or in his place of business for more exposure. I am also busy looking for stuff for the new house so when we finally move, we have the basic necessities. As a result, I am now doing 5 or more things at the same time. I just hope I won’t get these things mixed or I may end up selling all these boxes I am packing instead of the house. Ha!


emma said…
hala busy ka rin pala mommy jul,saan kayo lilipat? I bet it is very hard mag packing and all.Good luck sa inyo dyan...

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