Some Tags....


I have been tagged!!! Surprise??? LOL...seriously though, thanks to you ladies [and sometimes gents] who always include me in your list. It's really flattering to be in remembered.

This first one is from the ever thoughtful Norm of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Thanks for the thought, Norm.

This second one is from a girl who just came back from a long hiatus....Nova of Supernova & Sweetpain. Many thanks for this Novs. I know you're trying to catch up on things but you still remembered to include me in your list.

For the next one, it's kind of different. I actually got tagged by Gagay first on this one and I did it in my Teacher's Corner blog yesterday. But today, two lovely ladies, Annie and Ritchelle, gave me the honors by including Pinay Wahm as one of their Top 5 Blogs. So Thanks to both of you ladies...the thought is appreciated.

Since I already chose the top 5 in my Teacher's Corner, I am opting not to do it here anymore. If I do then it won't be Top 5, would it??? the bucket stops here! Ha!


Gorgeous MUM said…
hi! i've always thought you're in my awards list! i'm so sorry if your name wasn't there but i my heart you always will!

i'll put your name there soon! i'm very very sorry! you deserved each one of it for being a dear friend to me!

grab it when you have time!

here's the link . . .
Gorgeous MUM said…
i also wanna tahnk you for showing concern! glad to have a dear friend in you!

take care always!
Ritchelle said…
WOW naman touch naman ako!

Have a great blogging day ahead,take care!

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