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I have been blogging about not feeling well for a couple of days now. But even the sniffles and the sore throat can not stop me from blogging and hopping. Surprise?? Not if you are a true blue blogger....LOL.

Anyway, one of the things that cheered me up this morning was the message left by Sheng that she has some 'tags/awards' for me in her blog. Talk about awards....not even Julia Roberts or Tom Hanks got these many awards in one year. So to Julia and your hearts out! I have more awards than you can probably get in a month...LOL. Hey Sheng...thanks much and it's really nice of you. Btw, I posted the others in my other blog Teacher's Corner.


Gorgeous MUM said…
thank you for posting these!

and thank you so much for being there during my hard times! i feel overly grateful having a dear friend in you! it's nice to know people cares!

may god continue to bless you and your family!

thank you once again!

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