Starbucks to Pay $100+ Million in TIPS....


Tips like the money that satisfied customers leave to the servers as a token of appreciation. And yes, that's $100+ Million or One hundred Million Dollars in tips...$106 Million to be exact as per this article. It's actually pay back tips. Apparently, the baristas that were supposed to get the tip didn't get it. Instead the money went to the shift supervisors. Oh my. Now these shift supervisors are being forbidden from receiving any future tips.

Interesting. In this article, it's also mentioned how much Starbucks earned $672 million on a revenue of $9.4 Billion for the 2007 Fiscal Year which ended on September 30 of last year!! All that for selling coffee and some sweets. All I can say is: WOW! I did not realize how much Americans drink coffee.

Coffee anyone?

from Yahoo News


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