Starlight, Starbright....Astromart I found tonight...


My husband is an Astronomy fanatic. He likes to watch shows that air anything about the outer space even if he has seen the show a lot of times already. Because of his liking to anything Astronomy, it’s no surprise that our little girl is also into it. He has a telescope that he got as a gift a few years back but he hasn’t used it in a while so he’s thinking that it may be broken already. So even if he wants to take our little girl star gazing, it won't be possible right now. Someday though we want to get our little one her own telescope so finding Astromart which has everything and anything related to astronomy including articles on digital camera reviews, telescopes and astronomy equipments is a good thing. It won't only serve as our guide in finding the right Astronomy equipment or telescope for our little one but it will also serve now my go to place whenever she asks me questions about Astronomy.


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