Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This DST....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ killing me. It's now Wednesday, 3 days of having this new time and I still have not adjusted to it. Here we are at 10:00 AM just eating our breakfast! We should have been done doing that at least an hour ago. Arrgghhhh....I'm sure I'll be having lunch at almost 3 PM again. Dinner is at the same time though, well sort of. We have dinner whenever hubby gets home from work so that somehow stays the same. Of course the little one is having a tough time going to bed on her regular bedtime...and I can't blame her.

Anyway, I am giving myself at least this week to get adjusted to it and if I don't get adjusted to it. I'm going back to the old time...hmp! Like that's possible. Really, I can't seem to go to bed earlier so in the morning, I also don't wake up earlier. I really want to go back to the old schedule where at 10 o'clock we're already busy with things that we're supposed to be doing instead of eating breakfast. Oh well....hopefully tomorrow will be different.

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