A Trip to Remember???


My first and only trip to Las Vegas would always be a memorable one for me. Aside from all the things to do in Las Vegas, a couple of crazy things happened to me there. One happened on the first day of our trip and the second one happened on the last day of our trip. The first one was an encounter with a taxi driver who got so angry at us for sneaking in an extra passenger. He said that he could lose his license because of that so he was cursing and yelling at us all the way to our hotel. I thought he would kick us out of his taxi before we could even reach the hotel. The other crazy thing that happened to us was a fairly strong earthquake on our last day there. We were getting ready to go down to check out when it happened. It was scary because we could feel the shake so much because our room was on the top most floor of the hotel. I seriously thought we would never make it alive out of that hotel.

Because of our encounter with the taxi driver, I decided that the next time I go on tour anywhere else I would rather do it through travel tour companies like Trusted Tours & Attractions. All I have to do is go to their website if I need some family vacation ideas. They have several available tours all over the country like a tour to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With more 2 million works of arts from around the world, it’s like taking one single trip for a worldwide tour. And right now through March 31, 2008, if we Sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter, we can enter to win an IPOD Nano! Cool!


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