We Are Selling Our House....soon...


Like I have been blogging for a while now, we are moving very soon. The new house is almost done so I am busy packing. We only have one more problem…selling this house we are living in now. If our original plans 4 years ago pushed through we would not be having this problem now because we already had a prospective buyer then. Since the new house took longer, much longer, than we anticipated we had to back out of the sale because we still needed this house.

It’s now 4 years after that initial attempt to sell this house. Unfortunately, selling a house today is much harder because of the present state of the real estate. So we are looking into different ways to make the house more ‘saleable’. One of the first steps we’re thinking of doing is having our house inspected and I read that American Home Shield has the leading inspection company that can do that for us. And since we are aware that the house may not sell as soon as we want it to, we may just get a home warranty for it just in case. So I think our plan of going to American Home Shield is a good first step in selling this house we have right now.


Yuriana said…
Hi Juliana,

I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. I'm sure may buyer din kayo soon. Although the housing market these days eh not looking good- am sure meron din looking for a new house. Ingat lagi at maraming salamat sa daily dalaw!

God Bless,

Arlene said…
hey girl! thanks for the visit...hope you'll be able to sell your house soon. I know it's kinda hard nga to sell nowadays, you might have to sell it for less. anyways, hope eveything turns out your way:)
Shimumsy said…
good luck adn congratulations on your new house.

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