We Made It...


We survived the Easter Picnic...LOL! We went there around noon. It was a gloomy at first then it started raining after a while. We ate bunches [of course] and our little one had fun playing with bubbles and running around playing tags. I'm telling you she's one social butterfly...just like her mom - NOT! Actually, both my husband and I are wondering where she got that trait from. She can make conversation with just about anybody if you let her.

Anyway, it was fun even if it was wet. We stayed in one of those covered picnic area they call pavilion so we stayed dry for the most part. The kids, let's just say they were dry for a while. Our little one stayed dry because she doesn't like getting wet and sticky. Blame it on me for always wiping her..haha.

Here's a pic of her enjoying the bubbles. This is probably what kept her occupied. That hat she's wearing was given to her by her Aunt and Grandma. They didn't know she's a hat freak...so they were happy to see her wearing it most of the time. She probably has about 10 or more hats lying around here.

Here's our little/big girl blowing bubbles.


alam mo,the inadequacies of the parents are rectified in their kids.

happy easter!

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