What You Love Most About Your Partner....


Which partner?? in crime??? Hahaha...thanks much to Gracie, the Chic Shopaholic herself for this tag. Yep, today is tag day here on my blog. Trying to catch up on some...some I can't locate anymore...hehe...sowee...

Anyway, back to the task at hand. So what do I love most about my partner...a.k.a. my husband...?? Parang "how do I love thee...let me count the ways..."

We understand each other for the most part.
He takes care of me and our little one.
He does the grocery shopping.
He doesn't force me to do anything.
He does not waste money on unimportant things.
He has dreams and he's doing what it takes to realize them.
He hates to lie...just because he has a very short memory..haha.
He's a jack of all trades and can still manage to be a master of some things.

I can go on and on so I better stop here. Hey, I married him didn't I? So I guess that would explain why there's a lot of things I love about him. I'm sure same goes to all of you out there who's married to your significant others. And since I tagged everyone in my previous tag, I won't be tagging anyone for this one. Just grab it if you want to let the world why you love your SO...


JonaBQ said…
Hi juliana! you've done this na pala and i remembered reading it also before hehe. thanks for informing me at the tagboard :)
have a nice day!

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