Wish Granted.....almost!


My first teaching job was in a private school in a subdivision where most houses are gated and have well-manicured lawns. I grew up in a place where there is an abundance of green. Trees are all over, flowers are everywhere. But we didn’t have the manicured lawn because we just couldn’t afford it. During my first few months in my first job, I really enjoyed just driving around looking at the well maintained gardens and lawns in the subdivision. I had wished that someday I would have that kind of a lawn in my own property.

This wish may just happen soon. It is part of our plan in the future when we are settled in our new place. I am planning to do some gardening and make sure that plants are well-taken cared of. But I am well aware though that maintaining a lawn is not as easy as looking at it so I am considering of hiring professionals like TruGreen to come in every now and then to give the lawn the necessary care that we may not be able to give it. Just thinking about all the fun we will have with our own lawn is making me very excited. I really cannot wait for that time when our little one can go out and just enjoy a nice clean lawn in our very own backyard.


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