Yee Haw!!! Let's Go to a Rodeo...


I have this friend who has a very interesting job. He works for a company that sends him out to different world events then report about it. It’s that simple. He emails me regularly with his experiences on these trips and sends me some pictures of all the events he had attended. Some of the events he told me about are that Bull Riding in Spain and the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo or the NFR. He definitely couldn’t get enough of these kinds of events.

Aside from what my friend told me and what I’ve seen in the Chuck Norris’ old TV show, I don’t really know much about rodeo. But because of what he's been telling me, I am now very intrigued with this event myself. I am even thinking of going to one myself someday. So I started reading about it online and I found the schedules of the tour in different states. I am not sure yet where we could go to watch but I found Team One Tickets which is a place where I can get the National Rodeo Finals tickets. These tickets are hot right now so finding Team One Tickets gives me the upper hand because I can choose the seats that I want without a sweat. I can't wait to see the NFR myself. Now I have something to tell my friend.


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