2 Stories in One Post...

Story # 1

So our girl turned a year older last weekend. As per her wish, we had a 'pizza party'. Not really a party but more of a family get together as we only had her grandmom, an aunt, an uncle and 2 cousins. Anyway, we ordered 3 boxes of pizza...yes, just 3 and some buffalo wings.

After it was all over, we had about 2 boxes of Pizza left over. What did we do with it? We ate it the next day from breakfast till dinner....LOL. As we were having dinner of Pizza leftovers, our little one just blurted out:

Little One: This is the best birthday ever!!

Me and Dad: Really? Why is that? [we were thinking because she had 'visitors'...wrong!]

Little One: Imagine, pizza for breakfast, cake for lunch and pizza for dinner. It's the best!

Yep, we pigged out on pizza and cake for a day or two. By Monday, she said: I don't want pizza anymore....hehe.

I guess we won't be having pizza for months to come now, eh?


Story #2

This one happened in November 2006. Yes, I remember it very clearly even if it happened more than a year ago.

I had to attend a 2-day conference/seminar in the Univ. of Maryland for a job I have for the school. I was hesitant to say yes at first because our daughter had never been without mommy since she was born.

I didn't want to pass up the chance because aside from the professional growth, the financial aspect of the job is something that's hard to pass up. So we decided that we would all go together. I would attend the conference during the day while the father and daughter would go exploring the big grounds of the University...and the surrounding parks.

On our lunch break during the first day, I called them. They were at the hotel already resting after walking for a few miles around the campus. I spoke with the husband first and then the little one.

Me: Hi baby! What are you doing?

Little One: Watching cartoons. We just came back from the park. I had so much fun.

Me: That's good. Are you going out some more?

Little One: Nah...I'll just watch TV.

Me: Okay. Have you had lunch yet?

Little One: Yes!

Me: What did you have for lunch?

Little One: CANDY!!!!

Me: Huh?

Little: Candy. You know, the Jelly Beans. Ok...bye Mom...I miss you!


The people at the conference had a good laugh on that one. I told them...that's the reason why I am at home with her and not the husband. Haha...


I love pizza!!!! I got message in my blog for you guys!!! I hope you can drop by.
'Mum-2-3-' said…

Ohhh no!

Aren't husband are crap of feeding little one's?

I have the same problem here, hehehehe.

What a funny story indeed.

Have a great friday and a good weekend ahead!

Ingats always :)
Anonymous said…
The stories are so cute haha, i love the pizza party story of your little girl and the CANDY lunch, LOL. Have a great weekend.! :)
Nelle said…
haha, ok your daughter is officially the most adorable ever. haha..

and the candy story made me laughing for awhile., haha.. its funny!!

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