20 Years in P-R-I-S-O-N!!!!


That's what Steven Bartlett got for Grand Theft...plus 10 years of subsequent probation. I cannot contain the happiness I feel because of this verdict. He didn't get the maximum but knowing that he will spend at least 10 years in jail is something I cannot help but smile about.

Now I know how it feels when someone who was cheated on gets the justice he or she is wanting. We were asked by the Assistant District Atty to write down all the financial loss we suffered doing business with this person and his company. It took me a while to sit down to actually write everything down as it's not something I was looking forward to. But I did it.

From what they gathered, he took a million dollars from all of his victims but after adding all of the money the victims lost because of his doing, it goes up to $4 million. We may never get any of the money we lost but right now, that's like the last of the things I want to think about. All I want to do is to bask in this moment of triumph for us and the other families....at least for a little while.


from MSNBC


Ritchelle said…
Happy for him,he got to stay 10 years for free,hahaha.Mas masarap daw buhay dun eh,buti nga sa kanya.Budol-budol eh,,,dami nyan sa Pinas...lam nyo naman po sus kung ang US is Pinas lang dami na guro tao sa kulungan!I mean even more pa ba..

Take care and congrats!
blessedmom said…
i'm glad that justice was served and that your relieved from the outcome. :)
HONEY said…
Cheers!....good for him...
Nelle said…
Congrats (to him?) haha..
Now life will really goes on fully.
Prily said…
I am happy for you, my friend. It's god justice is served and you're relieve now. Congratulations!
Justice is served! Congratulations!

Don't want to be in his shoes...
J said…
hey! let's party!!!!

justice is served, isn't that sweet? the greedy man will finally pay his dues. what a way to pay though. good for him.

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