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It took years before my husband’s dream of having his own business materialized. A lot of factors had contributed as to why it took him that long to finally venture into it. He didn’t want to just go and start one then close it down after a year or so because of lack in planning. He finally started one about 2 years ago. He has partnered with a co-worker when the big company they were working for was bought out. He had the choice to stay but he nixed that idea thus the business was born. The first hurdle they had to overcome was advertising it. They tried hiring a lot of Sales Reps all over the country but that didn’t work. So their best bet is now online advertising which is the best way to advertise today.

One place I found that they can advertise their business locally and nationally is I went and check their website and found our city listed there already along with a lot of the major cities around the state. I’m sure this will be boost my husband’s business because it reaches to a wide audience already. Not only that, I realized that is not only good for those with business. I can also go to it if I am looking for some local services like a local hairstylist or a local realtor. What a useful website this is.


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