Affordable Water Fountains Galore


Water fountains are a common addition to today’s homes both inside and out. If you have a fountain, there are a few essential aspects to keep in mind in terms of fountain maintenance.

Most water fountains function through a pump system. The same water is perpetually recycled through the fountain. It is wise to add an algae killing chemical to the water to prevent algae build up. A long with looking unattractive, algae can damage the pump if it is sucked through the pump system.

It is also imperative that the water level is kept high enough. The water not only serves its aesthetic purpose in a fountain, but has a functional purpose as well. The water in a water fountain cools the pump. If the pump runs without water to cool it, it will quickly malfunction and need replaced.

Pump replacement in water fountains is usually inexpensive as a one time job, but if the pump on a fountain continually needs replaced, it can add up.


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