Bizarre Story...


Yep, I came across one again. It's been a while since I posted one so I thought I'd post this one now. Actually the story is not 'bizarre' per se but a case of being an 'ignoramus'.

According to the story, police officers accused a woman of DUI or Driving Under the Influence. Well, that's a daily occurrence, isn't it? So what's bizarre about this story? The woman was arrested at the police station and NOT while she was driving. Aha! So what was she doing at the police station drunk???? She actually works there....LOL! Yep, she came in with her 12 year old son to clean the state police office. The officers present at the station said that she showed signs of being intoxicated.

So they gave her that alcohol test and her alcohol level recorded at 0.19 percent. That is more than 2x the legal limit. Ha! How dumb can one be to drink then drive to the Police station??? DUH!!!

from: Yahoo News


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