British Got Talent...


I was watching a TV show a few minutes ago and they showed a contestant in the Brit show "British Got Talent". His name is Andrew Johnston. I haven't heard of him neither have I seen the You Tube clip until today. He reminded me of 2 past contestants on that same show. One was that little 6- year girl that left the judges in awe after she sang like an angel. And the second one was the cell phone salesman who sang opera and eventually won the competition.

Anyway, here's a clip I found in You Tube. Watch it for yourself and be the judge.


Utah Mommy said…
Oh my goodness! You made me cry in this movie Mommy J, He is indeed a truly gifted boy! Hats off to this young man. I am out of words to say to this blessed boy! Thanks for sharing this Mommy J!
SHIELA said…
eto pala yung mga sinasabi ng mga kasamahan ko kanina sa work. super galing nga. he's got a voice like an angel.

sayang hindi ako nakapanood nung sabado.

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