Calling Home


When I was teaching in Taiwan, I remember my father calling me almost every week. It was something I looked forward to because that was my first time to work abroad. What I was not looking forward to though was paying for the phone bills that we racked up because he was calling me “collect.” He used a payphone to call me so the charges were sky high. Then my friend introduced me to phone cards. My friend was literally my savior during those times because if she didn’t tell me about phone cards, all the money I was making then would just go to phone bills.

Now that I am residing here in the US, I still like to get in touch with my family and friends who are overseas by giving them a call as much as I could. And just like before, I still use a prepaid phone card to call. One site where I can choose the prepaid phone card that fits my needs is It has virtually all the prepaid phone cards that I can use to call anywhere in the world. All I have to do is to search the country and voila pages after pages of choices would come up in the screen. It’s literally like being a kid in a candy store. Now I don’t have to waste my time comparing one site with another just to choose the best and least expensive prepaid phone cards, has it all.


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