Car Door Magnets....


When my husband and his partner started their business a few years ago, they were on a shoe string budget so to speak. They watched every penny that they had and if they could do something on their own, they would do it instead of hiring someone else to do it. My husband is ‘techie’ kind so he didn’t have any problems building up their company’s website. But if there’s one thing he shouldn’t have done himself, it would have been the business cards. They thought they were going to save if they would just buy those packets in one of the stores around here and print their business cards using their company’s printer. That proved to be more costly than they anticipated because of the trial and error process.

After that disaster with the business cards, they decided to just look online for their business cards need as well as other promotional items they want for their business. Their business is now in existence for a few years but can you believe that they don’t have any promotional items to advertise it? So I’ve been telling my husband to try things like car door magnets or pens or mugs to promote their items. Right now they are leaning more and more on magnets. I think that’s a good choice because magnets are something that ‘stick’…LOL…get it?


something that "sticks" hahaha! That's funny. You should really go into advertising hehehe. ^_^

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