Compare and Shop


I still remember the days when I had to go from one store to another in order to find the best deals in just about anything. I used to do this more though if I was planning in buying something big like an appliance or jewelry. I think that this is one big reason why I never really liked shopping much. There’s just too much hassle involve in going from store to store just to see which store had the cheapest price. Today, such is not the case. Thanks to shopping comparison sites like Digxa. With Digxa, I can compare the prices of different products with just a click of a mouse. I tried searching for a PDA in the Digxa site and all I did was go to PDAs under computers and voila, several PDAs came up with prices from different stores I can order it from. It’s that simple. Next time my husband needs something for his computer or his phone or even a gift for me I know where to lead him…


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