Dallas Limo for your Convenience


About a year ago, I reconnected with a former co-teacher of mine in the Philippines. She is now a Grade 3 teacher in Dallas, Texas. Since then we have been in constant contact updating each other about our respective lives. She is still single and she is loving the freedom of being single because she can go anywhere she wants to. Anyway, she’s been inviting me, okay bugging me, to come visit her in Dallas. It’s been more than a year and she’s not giving up even promising to hire a Dallas limo to pick me up from the airport and to tour me with it around Dallas. Tempting, isn’t it? Much as I would love to be treated like a royalty complete with a very nice limo at my disposal, I still cannot say yes to her because I have a family that needs me…I think. Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit her and when that day comes, I will take her offer of being riding on a Dallas limo while I am touring around that city.


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