Designer Fabrics for Grabs...


My aunt is a first generation seamstress. But she will sew just about anything and she’s always on a hunt for the best fabric out there. So she was one of the first that I told about Design Diva Fabrics. I myself check the site regularly and I was pleasantly pleased when I saw their latest promotion called “Vote Up Count Down”. It’s kind of a bidding game where everyone has an account with has the chance to vote a designer upholstery fabric and any other fabric of their choice from the site. The fabric that gets the most vote will then be put on a countdown mode. Now get this, as the votes increase, the price of the fabric on a countdown mode goes down. It will keep getting cheaper and cheaper until somebody finally buys the fabric. And when it’s bought, the next fabric with the most number of votes will be put on a countdown mode. Interesting isn’t it? Now anyone can have the chance to snag those designer upholstery fabrics at a much cheaper price. So if you want to get your hands on a designer upholstery fabric, visit Design Diva Fabrics and start voting for the fabrics that you like the best. Here is the fabric that is now on a countdown mode. Check it out.


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