Future is Bright with Fenster...


I have a young child. I believe that it’s still early for me to say what kind of teenager our child is going to be. I know that my husband and I will do our best to make sure our child grows up a respectful, responsible individual. Just like any parent, I am also concerned about my child’s future. I want her to go to the best school there is…a school that will let her develop as an individual. I am aware of the Ivy Leagues which a lot of those higher achievers will probably go to. But I am very happy to learn that a school called Fenster Boarding School is in existence. It’s a boarding school for troubled teens. Why am happy about it? Just knowing that if ever my child will ever need that environment where she can grow in self-esteem as well as be a responsible individual, there is a place like Fenster Boarding School that she can go to. As a parent, I am very happy to know that no matter what, my child will have her chance to a good future because Fenster Boarding School is out there to help mold her.


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