Grandfather Clock Wish...Granted!


My daughter is fascinated with grandfather clocks. I really don’t know why or how it came about but she’s been asking us to get one for the longest time. We also like to get one but since we’re moving, my husband and I decided to wait until we’re in the new house to grant her wish. I have been to a lot of places online looking for one that will best fit our new home and I came across some that I like. I am looking for one that will serve as a home decor and not just an ordinary clock that's used to read time. One site I’ve been visiting regularly is 1-800-4 Clocks. This site has a wide variety of grandfather clocks. I showed the clocks to our little one and she went crazy. She couldn’t decide which one she likes best. I have to remind her that she can only choose one.

While she’s making up her mind as to which one she likes, I browsed the site and read the blog they have. Since I have never bought a grandfather clock before, I am hoping to find some good recommendations through their blog. I did and I also came across this entry that I think is perfect for us. It’s called “Grandfather Clocks for Young Families”. The entry was like written specifically for us since it’s all about families like us moving into their very first home together. Howard Miller Clocks are mentioned as one that would be perfect in our case. So I went to check on these clocks and I found this one.

It’s called “Howard Miller Raymour Grandfather Clock” I really like it because I think it will be perfect in our living room. I showed it to the little one and she likes it...yay!


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