Happy Monday...

Yes, it's Monday once again. I am looking at a very busy week...again. I am thankful that I've been busy with my 'rakets' but I miss hopping to my friends' blogs. I still try to do that as much as I could but boy it has been kinda' hard and I feel guilty for not doing it as much as I used to.

Anyway, I would like to thank ALL OF YOU for constantly checking on me here...and for ALL the birthday wishes for our not so little girl anymore. She's still in cloud 8...yep, she came down a notch from cloud 9 last Saturday. She's enjoying her 'new tent' set up in the middle of the house...LOL. She's been bugging me to start 'baking' using Easy Bake Oven her courtesy of her Aunt.

I have to tell her we need to finish the sweets we have left from her birthday first before we can make some more sweets. Can you say...20lbs additional weight for Mommy??? Arrgghh....

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart....yes, I do have one! hehe...


Yuriana said…

Your little girl will love easy bake. More foodie hahaha! Salamat talaga sa walang sawang dalaw! Ingat lagi. xoxo@


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