Happy Thursday!!!


Just writing a quick entry here to let you know I'm still alive and kicking. I am looking into a very busy Thursday as I have to do some chores ....so what else is new, right?

I forgot to write about our last visit to the house the past weekend. The drain field was in place for inspection when we went there. The husband went to the site this week and he said that they finally buried it which means it passed Health Dept. inspection. Yay!

Yesterday, the dirt was being leveled already which means the sod will be next. We have an appointment to pick out the appliances this weekend. Here the appliances are part of the contract when having a house built so when we do the walk-thru the appliances will be in placed. We can upgrade if we want to, of course that means we would have to pay the difference upfront. Walk-thru is the time when we walk-thru the house [haha] to see if there are some things that need fixed before we move in. If we do that right now, there will be a hundred things that won't pass our inspection. But hopefully, all those will be taken cared of between now and the walk-thru.

Also, something "unnerving" happened...we think anyway. When we went to visit the house last weekend, we noticed that a window on one of the bathrooms looked like 'broken in'. Yep, it looked like someone tried to break in our empty house. There was some blood, just a bit, on the vent by the master's bedroom. The husband reported it of course. The police came last Monday or Tuesday to dust for some prints. Apparently, there were about 5 break-ins during the last week....and they are all houses being built by this same builder.

We therefore theorized that it's probably not a real break-in but just someone who has a grudge against the builder. There is nothing to take as the houses are still empty. So why break in a house that's empty, right? At least there's a record of it since we reported and the police came to check.

Thanks for getting this far reading this. I will be "around" if you know what I mean. Thanks to all who have been here....enjoy your day/night!


Nelle said…
I came that far! yey! lol
Its good that the incident have been reported. Oh I like that walk-thru! and I always love buying appliances. hehe.. It's nice to hear from you after your short break announcement. :P

Have a nice day ate J. take care
HulaGirl said…
wow excited rin ako sa walk-tru nyo hihihi excited mag lipat lalo na new house, kakapagod nga lang...

God bless...

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