"Hear" What They're Saying....


I think everyone has heard of the saying: Customer is always right. But if there’s anyone that takes this saying to heart, it’s probably the business owners. But do these business owners really know what customers are saying? I mean really saying? More often than not, customers would just choose not to return to the establishment if they are not satisfied with the service. Unsatisfied customers just look for another place where the service is to their liking. This is why some business owners hire mystery shopping service. What is mystery shopping? This is when a person acting like a regular customer would go in an establishment to basically observe how she or he will be treated. After such visit, she or he will write down the observations which will be sent to the business owners. It’s that plain and simple. With the use of a mystery shopping service business owners will know whether their service are up to their customer’s satisfaction. So if you have a business and you want to know what your customers like and dislike without actually asking them, try using a mystery shopper. I’m sure you will get all the answers you need.


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