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I have never been on a helicopter… and I have no plans in being on one anytime soon. But my husband is another story. If he can fly one tonight, he would probably do. You see that’s his ultimate dream…to fly one of those bad boys that he sees on the Military Channel. I am not sure though if my husband is aware that helicopter accidents happen more often, very much more, than airplane accidents. If not, then I should probably direct him to this site called Helicopter Accident Attorney.com where, you guessed it, helicopter accident attorneys can be found. But this site does not only have attorneys in there. It has some good information that people like my husband who has plans of one day flying a helicopter can benefit from like statistical data as well as a 24-hour emergency assistance program. Hey, if he really wants to do it, I think he should be armed with information before he takes the plunge, right?


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