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Like I have been blogging here for a while now, we are getting ready to move into our new house. At the same time, we are also getting ready to sell this house we are living in right now. We are well aware though that the real estate market now is not at its best so we really want to do some upgrading in this house to increase its sales value before we put in the market. One particular room that I want to transform will be our den/home office.

This is our home office/den today.

Right now, it looks more like a storage room instead of a home office.

This is what is on the right side of the office.

And this is what's on the left side.

As you can see, the room has very limited space right now. So we want to knock down the walls on the left to make it more spacious. But transforming a room will definitely cost us. We have been spending quite a lot for the new house so we don’t have the budget to do some renovation in this house. So I may just enter to win a $20,000 Home Makeover in the Renuzit TriScents Transform Your Home contest to make the transformation I want to happen. All I have to do is to enter a photo of this room I want transformed and voila, I have the chance for that $20,000 Home Makeover.

So if you have a room at home that you want transformed, why not enter to win this contest? They even have this Renuzit TriScents Starter Kit coupon that can easily be downloaded in their website for those who want to sample how great this new product is. Aside from having the chance to win this great prize, you will make your house smell really nice. While your there, don’t forget to check the official rules for the contest. You may just become the lucky winner of this $20,000 Home Makeover contest.


Nelle said…
want help with the cleaning Ate Juliana? :P
Goodluck with that! hehe.. especially with the potential buyer and No, dont include your husband you nutter! hahaha...

I still need to figure out that 'age' issue! haha, but i'll continue my blah's on my blog nalang. haha

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