I Need A Break...


I haven’t had a real vacation in years. Same goes true with my husband. As a family, we’ve gone to some trips but not long ones. The longest one was a trip to California but it was not for vacation purposes but to attend a friend’s wedding. That’s not my first trip to California though. My first trip to the US was a trip straight to Los Angeles in the Spring of 1999. I have friends there so when I decided to visit US for the first time, Los Angeles was the first place that came to mind. Besides, I was told that there are a lot of things to do in Los Angeles…and it’s true. I spent my month long vacation there going from one famous place to another.

When the time comes that we decide to go on sightseeing tours, I am thinking of doing it with the help of professionals like Trusted Tours & Attractions. I have not used their service yet but I have read a lot of good things about them. Besides, they have an extensive list of places that we can choose from. I’m not sure yet where we would want to go. Things to do in Boston are plentiful from what I heard. But I am also thinking of going back to Los Angeles. Or maybe somewhere near like Orlando. Well, I have not really made up my mind as to where I want to go but I have a plan right now: Sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win a Handheld GPS! This promo is only up to the end of this month so I better go now and register.


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