I'm Baaacckkkk!!!!


Yes I am! Actually I didn't really go anywhere, did I? LOL... I was just not able to post anything yesterday but I was able to blog hop. Yay!

We were supposed to have the first potential buyer here yesterday. Guess what??? Yep, she didn't come. Why? Because it was raining almost all day yesterday. Oh well.

My [step] mom-in-law called earlier yesterday to see if we wanted to meet her at her sister's house for dinner. But because we were expecting this person to come in, we said we were not sure if we could make it. We didn't make it of course. I'm sure S-MIL would understand.

Today is going to be a bit busy as well but not as crazy as last week. I have some Qcing to do for my other jobs but I will be popping here every now and then. That will be it for now.

To all those who left messages and comments and those who visited without leaving comments, thanks much! I'll see you all later.


bluedreamer27 said…
hello pinay wahm
nice to know youre back hehe
thanks for your visit
by the way i ncluded you in my 12 invited blogger please do paly along with me heres the link
have a great day
SHIELA said…
I remember the time that we we're selling our house...very stressful. I hope you are OK. Keep smiling lady.

Salamat nga pala sa comment mo. Sana nga makapag decide na ako kasi sumasakit na ulo ko sa kaiisip.
Nelle said…
hello! welcome back ate Juliana!
hehe.. have a great day ahead! D
Anonymous said…
Balato po ahhhhhhh...

Wala po dito sa Ireland eh,consolate lang po.Meron sa UK pwd naman daw pero excuse ko din ung passport para maka-uwi,haahha.
Arlene said…
hey! thanks for the visit as always...you're busy as well huh? well, hope everything all goes well with the house-selling.

honey said…
WELCOME back ate J.....San ka nga ba nagpunta?,..hehehe..Joke!

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