It's All About Skating....


Sport is something that I have never done in my life. Well, aside from all those PE classes in high school and college. But after my college days, I virtually stopped any kind of sport. Having very limited sport involvement did not stop me from dating some guys who are very much into it. I had an ex-boyfriend who used to do some ice-skating and another one who played college football in the US as well as hockey. The latter, a Canadian, was the one that introduced me to rollerblading and inline skating. I never really learned how to do it myself but it surely made me interested in rollerblading events across the world. Why won’t I when sometimes rollerblading is the only topic we would talk about. But after we parted ways I also stopped following rollerblading events or hockey or inline skating. I’m still interested in them so finding Inline Planet is a pleasant surprise. It’s a website that has anything and everything about skating...from events to various skating products. This means I will again be able to read and follow some of these events that were once my favorite sports to follow.


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