It's Been SeVeN years????


Apparently, it is! Seven years of what? Well, it's been seven -7- years since I sent my very first message to my now husband. Wow...that long already? We don't really celebrate it but I will always remember the date because we had some confusion with the date. I sent him the message April 21 - Taiwan time which is April 20 - US time. Gulo no? So we sometimes don't agree on what date we "officially" met...sort of. Anyway, if you want to read how and where we met, here's the story from another post I made on October 21, 2007 - My other Half or Significant Other. A few days short of a year of that 'message', we had our little one. Her arrival just made the union much stronger and more fulfilling.

It has been a pretty good ride for the most part. The biggest trial we had to go through as a couple is not even because of our own doing. It's that nightmare with the builder who screwed us. But since that guy is in jail now serving 20 years for what he did, we are somehow vindicated. As for me and my husband, we are in this marriage for the long haul. Neither of us has any plans of going anywhere away from each other anytime soon.

I never thought that short note I sent him can lead to a happy marriage we have right now. We may not have a lot of money but having each other is more than enough to keep us happy. Uy drama!


emma said…
hi mommy jul, Im back from vegas..drama love story that has a happy ending..
Nelle said…
congrats! hehe.. I read the other post. Anyways, I'm happy for you ate J.

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