It's Wednesday....


...the week is halfway through..yay! After today, the days will just fly away. That's the way I see it anyway. I have been quite busy again. Today is also big laundry day for me so add that to what I already have piled up for today.

Today, April 16, is also the day that the builder who screwed us and 100+ families will be sentenced. He is facing a maximum of 30 years in prison. He is convicted of Grand Theft and is already in jail after the conviction. Per our state law, he has to serve at least 21 months in prison so he's not getting out anytime soon even if he does not get the 30 years that he so deserves.

My husband decided not to attend the sentencing. His reason and I quote: "That man already cost me enough money and I won't let him cost me anymore money by attending." I see his point so I didn't press the issue. Hopefully the other victims who have the time can attend.

That's it for now. I will try to do some hopping. I owe a lot of you a visit apologies...


bluedreamer27 said…
thats great well justice was still achievable right?
have a great day
Yuriana said…
I agree, no reason to attend. That guy deserve it. Lang ya 30 years lang? What a crook- scammer talaga! Ingat lagi :) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

J said…
I hope he gets the maximum. No one like him should get another chance. I agree with the husband, it was a good move not going. You'll get to hear the verdict later anyway.

yeah, my blogs were down. alam mo na, that's the problem with self hosted blogs, although relaible naman blue host most of the time. they were doing some work, that's why.

siya, my cleaning has to start. grabe, hapon na. ano ba yan, aabutin na naman ako ng gabi nito.

have a nice wednesday.

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