It's the Weekend Again....


Yay! We have no plans for this weekend so we'd probably just stay in which is good...but that's not written on stone so it can change. Right now I'm flipping channels and I came across this Bravo show - Housewives of New York...yes, it's a spin-off of the 'Housewives of Orange County'. It's like a real life Desperate Housewives. All I can say is I wouldn't want to be part of this group. LOL...

The husband went to visit the new house last night before coming home since it's only a 5-minute drive from his place of work. We were there last weekend and during that visit, the counters, cabinets, sinks in the bathrooms, some light fixtures and the air condition unit are already in place.

Last night when the husband went there he said that the porcelain thrones, shelves in the closets, all the lights are in place already. The septic is about to be placed. Next will be the flooring already and laying of sod around the house. We may go there again tomorrow so I can see the new developments.

It's getting there and we're very excited already. Hopefully we'll be able to move in before the end of the month...

So what's your plan this weekend?


Nelle said…
Okay so its almost Sunday here and Im still having a lazy life as always. haha.. Nice, Im excited to see the house when its finish. [pictures] haha

have great weekend ate J.

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