Loose Tooth!!!


Not mine but of that of our little one. Her upper front [2] teeth have been loose for months now. She already lost her 2 lower front teeth months ago and the permanent teeth are already out. One fell out while I was brushing her teeth and the second fell out while she's biting a burger. She's got wiser though as she wouldn't dare bite anymore that may result to the same thing so her 2 up front are still there. One is like hanging by a thread...literally. I'm very close to just yanking it out but I don't want to terrorize her...LOL.

Anyway, hopefully it will fall out tonight or tomorrow or it will be out one way or another...if you know what I mean...hahaha.

Gotta go and make dinner already. See you all later.


Nova said…
ohh...diba normal lang naman yan sa mga bata... my neice lose her tooth but thank god di naman sa front teeth nya...

i dont remember when ko na lose tooth ko in front... hehehehe

my week days starts way too busy.. got some long updates again to do... since sobrang busy ako lately...

musta ang tulog natin te juls?
blessedmom said…
hehehe that's cute! :) is she feelin' some pain though? i hope not. poor baby :( nyway, hope everythin's turns out ok. well, hotness momma, be patient not to pull out the loose tooth by yourself, although tempting heheeh :)

thanks! take care! stay hot! ooops, este i mean stay cool :)

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