Married Women....Read This!


According to a study from the University of Michigan, husbands - yep, those lying on your couch right now holding a remote - create 7 hours of EXTRA housework!! I knew there's a reason why I got married late...LOL.

Do I believe the result? Not really. Even if my husband creates 7 hours of extra work for me, it's well worth it because he's busting his bee-hind out there to support us so the 7 hours is nothing compared to his extra 30 hours a week.

Come to think of it, who actually benefits from studies like this one? Wives? Do these studies actually get husbands help more at home? I don't think so.

So why am I writing about it. Just because...hahaha.

from: Yahoo


Ritchelle said…
7 hours lang po ba?kc ung asawa ko alang pahinga eh hahaha

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