The Men Hunt....


Whatta what?? Men hunt ba kamo, ha Eds?? Where do I do the hunting eh lagi akong nakakulong sa bahay?? Ah, online ba kamo??? Okie...I tried looking for the pictures of the 'Sexy Mhin' of my time...the likes of Dolphy, Panchito [the nose...Bless his soul] and of course, Tito Pip. Kaso walang mahagilap ang Lola mo eh. Next lang.

Here the the next best things though. I didn't have to go far kasi I have them saved in my lappy.

Sexiest [toothless] Smile

Need I say more?

Sexiest Body....
Oh lalala....this is a nameless face. But who cares what his name is, right? LOL!!! Someone sent 'him' to me on my birthday. I'm still trying to take that cake off his 'ehem'...but as you can see...ripped in all the right places...parang palaka!
For the finale....

Sexiest eyes..
Now...I know we can't see the eyes but doesn't the mystery of it all makes their eyes sexy? These 2 can also be for sexiest bod, ya know?
There 'ya go Eds....I hope I delivered and did not disappoint you in any way. As soon as I find pics of my original choices, I'll post this tag again.

Wanna show us your list of Sexiest Eyes, Bod and Smile??? Let's put a twist on this tag and ask some guys this time to do some "Women Hunt": Denz - Techtronics, Edgar - My Nurse's Notes, JK - See Me for What You Will, Bluedreamer27 - TOP FIVE! C'mon gentlemen, let's see the list. Don't be shy...LOL..


Eds said…
hilarious sis! hahahha ikaw tlga noh! Sobra naman laki ng katawan ng papa mo! Buti pa ung mga babies and c kuya sa taas cutie! hahah.. Thanks for doing the tag! :)
elow! I'm not done with this tag yet. I'm still looking for the best pictures hahaha!

Anyway I also have a tag for you. ^_^

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