My Day and Bloghopping...


It's a slow day today. Some work was released earlier by 2 of the companies I work for. Since work is not a lot, it was gone in a few. I was able to do some which is good. I have been doing my hopping also...not done yet but more than half way through already.

Speaking of this hopping, sometimes I get lazy hopping to some sites. Well, there are sites that I've been visiting pretty regularly and I have not seen any hit back in months. The blogs are being updated so I know they're still active I'm just wondering why a visit back is not happening.

I know it's a personal choice to visit blogs but isn't there some kind of an agreement to visit each other's blogs even just once in a while when link exchange happens? Or is that a wishful thinking?? My list is getting longer by the day and I don't know if I should let it get longer. I don't mind exchanging links BUT...what's the use of the exchanging links? Do I get an assurance that those I'm going to add will visit me as often as I visit them? Or will they also disappear in thin air after being added?

Ok....let me ask this question:

"Why do you agree to exchange links with other bloggers?"

Don't hesitate to answer this in my comment box. I'm very much interested in other's view on this. I am also just curious if I am alone on this predicament. I am hoping I am not...LOL!

Edited to Add: Obviously this is not directed to any of that gets to read this. Why? Because that means you come visit my blog, right?


Anonymous said…
I completely understand you here as what my hubby said who is only a month in blogging others are asking to xlinks but he never seen them back after all.

Our rule now is to visit regularly those who visit our blogs because they are worthy to visit. hehehee =)

Anyway, my answer is I do exchange links to get more links and more to hop and read. It's nice to read other blogs to learn some lessons too.
MamaLot said…
You are not alone my dear...hence the reason why I felt lazy doing blog hops...they said that the more links you have the better as you will get higher google pagerank... I think that's the reason why a lot of bloggers wants to exlinks…

Anyway last month, I updated my blogroll and visited each one on my list and checked if my name was still in their blogroll. I found out that more than half on my list, I wasn’t on their list… I deleted it right away with out any question hehehehe
"Why do you agree to exchange links with other bloggers?"

Hmm... I have so many reasons. One, to get a better Google PR Rate. Two, so that I could have an easy link to the blogs I want to read.

There are blogs that have asked me to exchange links with them but their content is... uhm... well unreadable.

But I am really amazed that you can hop to blogs (especially mine, and thank you for that! ^_^) on a daily basis. You should be given the Best Blog Hopper Award!
Nelle said…
I exchange links because I find their blogs and the blogger interesting. I do not have a never ending list tho thats because I never ask to xlinks. I try to hop as much as I can and comment on each. But I guess what you're pointing out is an inevitable truth bout the blogging world. Some of them might not care at all. lol. haha.. Best blog hopper award, that's really you Ate J. hehe

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