Pregnant Man on Oprah Now....


Yes, he is on Oprah now. I just tuned in and it's kinda' weird looking and listening at him because he sounds like a woman. Well, he can probably pass for a man with an unusually high pitch.

It's weird to watch it to say the least. But that's just me. I guess it's the 'oddness' of the whole situation. I don't really understand why they didn't just have a surrogate mother. If he really wanted to be a man then he should have stayed that way.

Oh well. I'm not watching all of it right now because my little one keeps on popping in here. I just don't want to explain to her right now why 'a man' is pregnant.

If you're interested to see it, just tune in to Oprah in your area of see the clip they have at


Michelle said…
I was watching oprah today also after reading your post that he'll be at the oprah show today. i didn't finish watching it either. :)

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