Reasons Why I Blog...10 of them???


Nelle of Lucid Creativity tagged me on this....10 Reasons why I blog. Just 10, Nelle? LOL!! Actually, I'm not even sure I have 10 pede 5 na lang? Hehe...I'll try my very best to come up with 10 but don't be mad if I only have 2, ok??? Haha...Let me break it down with the original reasons why I started blogging and the reasons as to why I am still doing it...

Why did I start blogging?

1. I was bored one day.

2. I was curious.

3. My work was slow.

Why am I still blogging?

4. I enjoy it.

5. I make some dough doing it.

6. I get to 'meet' new friends online.

7. It's a good outlet.

8. It's a good way to chronicle some things in our lives.

9. I get to polish my writing "skills".

10. I get to reconnect with some people in my "past life".

Whew.....that's hardwork Nelle!

Now it's time for me to tag....


Shirley Chio said…
Hi Juliana, nice site. Why do you blog? lol sounds like 10 good reasons to continue blogging ha ha
Nelle said…
haha, Tell me bout thinking those 10.

Nice one. And hey, half of your visitors here are already aware of my sleeping habits. haha..

And who's the one sleeping right now? haha, I guess that its the goddess after all. lol


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