RSS Feed for Expiring Domains...


Having unique domains or domain names is probably the first important key in having the staying power when owning a website. That’s what I think anyway so when I decided to buy my own domain, I chose one that I thought would stick. Fortunately, the name that I chose was still available.

Other people, on the other hand, encounter some glitch when getting their own domain. Sometimes, the domain they want is already taken so they resort to just choosing another domain name even if they don't want to. But all is not lost for them. First, because they can still acquire the domain names that they like and second, Network Solutions has just started RSS Feed for Expiring Domains. What this feed would do is to keep those who are interested in acquiring expired domains on the loop. That means that if and when the domain they are interested in is about to expire, those who subscribe to the RSS Feed will be the first to know. It’s easy to get the RSS Feed. All you have to do is to visit Network Solutions website and subscribe to the RSS Feed for Expiring Domains. By providing them with the domain names and some keywords related to the domain, Network Solutions will do the work of watching out for the domains that are expiring. It’s that simple. So start subscribing to this RSS Feed before it’s too late…it may just be the only way for you to get your hands on that oh so elusive domain name of your dream.


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